Photo by the RCC

The Task Force Fostering and Building Human Capital of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) was launched by the RCC Board in June 2008 and is entrusted with the promotion of coherency between education, higher education and research cooperation in South Eastern Europe. The Task Force held its constituent meeting on 13 June 2008 in Ljubljana in the framework of the Slovenian EU Presidency back-to-back with the meeting of the Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan Countries.

Recognising that Fostering and Building Human Capital is crucial for the overall stabilisation and prosperity of the South Eastern European region, the Task Force Fostering and Building Human Capital (TFBHC) seeks to enhance cooperation for developing knowledge based societies by promoting the knowledge triangle as a key driver in fields such as the Bologna process and follow-ups, Education and Training 2020 and the European Research area.

In order to reach its aims, the TFBHC builds upon and draws on already existing and new regional networks and initiatives, and ensures coordination with other RCC priority areas.